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Hunter Emmons, BA
Counseling Intern

Hello! My name is Hunter and I am a student pursuing my master's degree in counseling at Adams State University. As an intern at Creekside Collaborative Therapy, a large focus of mine is to use my skills in somatic approaches while emphasizing the vital mind-body connection for each individual. One of my core beliefs is in creating an empathetic, safe, and non-judgmental environment, where I can accompany and support individuals on their unique and personal journeys. I deeply care about providing this secure space where clients can freely explore and navigate their everyday challenges and traumas. I aspire to help clients tap into their inner selves and facilitate a profound connection within. 


Outside of school and work, I enjoy connecting with friends and loved ones, fostering deeper connections with those around me. I also spend a lot of time outdoors, either by myself, with friends, or dogs, and I love to do ceramics, as this is a time when I can connect with my creative side.


We all strive to become the best versions of ourselves, and I am eager to guide and assist my clients throughout their transformative journey as they delve inward.

For my Doxy tele-health platform click here.

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