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Alyce Duckworth, LCSW

I believe that the most important factor of success in therapy is the authentic relationship. I have a passion for learning about each client's talents and strengths and using those to increase their life satisfaction. I believe that all people have a desire to live the best lives they can live, and at times need support in identifying and eliminating the barriers that prevent them from doing so. I believe that trauma, whether from watching the daily news or experiencing combat in war, is at the root of many of these barriers.

I enjoy working with people of all ages and consider my specialties to include trauma treatment, EMDR, school issues, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), family issues, highly conflictual relationships of any type, self-injury, suicide ideation and attempts, "oppositional defiant" behaviors, and "stuck" living patterns, to name just a few.

I tailor interventions to each unique client I encounter. Although my theoretical framework draws from a mix of research-established approaches, I am an unconventional creative therapist. When I receive the privilege of partnering with a client, I believe that the process can be challenging, rewarding, and even enjoyable!

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