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Clare Harriman, BS
Counseling Intern

Hi there! My name is Clare. I am pursuing my master's degree in clinical mental health
at Adams State University. My focus when it comes to therapy is to provide a safe
environment where you can express yourself openly and where we can establish a
trusting connection. I use a person-centered and humanistic approach in my counseling sessions that empowers clients to explore their unique journeys.

I have over a decade of experience in holistic wellness, somatic approaches and
women’s health. I hold certifications in ICF life coaching, pelvic floor therapy, and

I am a mother of daughters who light up and rock my world. Dogs, including our silly
Golden Retriever boy, Sully, are a big part of our family. I spend my free time balancing on a paddle board or a snowboard, as well as balancing all that comes with


Your mental health matters - let's take this journey together!

For my Doxy tele-health platform click here.

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