Jenna Radcliffe (she/her)
MSW Intern

Hi there and welcome to my bio! I am a later-in-life career changer and excited to become a therapist after eight years of growing in the mental health field. My interest lies mainly in individual therapy with adults and dissolving anxiety and depression, especially with individuals in the LGBTQ community.


I place high priority on culturally-competent and LGBTQ-affirmative practice, and one of my gifts is understanding individuals' different perspectives. My greatest wish is to guide you to shift any limiting perspectives. By viewing your experiences in a more healthy and tranquil manner, I hope to enable you to enjoy a greater percentage of happy moments in your life. 


My undergraduate degree was in Linguistics, with a focus on Spanish language. I also lived in Japan for two years, and I can converse at varying levels in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and American Sign Language. I love dogs, board games, and food.

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