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Allison Zage, LSW

My name is Allison Zage, LSW and I have been working with adolescents, young adults and millennials for 10 years in schools, intensive outpatient centers, and private practice settings. I believe that a genuine therapeutic relationship is a critical component to making sustainable positive changes, which is why I bring my authentic self to each session. I use a combination of evidence-based and holistic approaches to therapy, which allows for a tailored, individual approach for each client I work with. In addition to traditional talk therapy, I offer an experiential approach (incorporating the outdoors, sports, music, etc.) to therapy for those who prefer an alternative process. Rather than providing a step-by-step guide on navigating life (spoiler alert: there is none!) I will work with you to discover your strengths that will enhance your relationships, mood, and overall daily functioning. I create a space where clients can explore thinking and behavioral patterns that are no longer serving them, and provide tools and techniques to make realistic and appropriate changes. I believe that therapy is a collaborative tool to enhance one’s life, and I encourage clients to share feedback on our therapeutic relationship, progress, and style. I am an avid hiker, athlete, and music-lover, and most of my clients find me relatable and down to earth. Therapy can be an emotional and challenging experience, which is why I use compassion, authentic connection, and humor (when appropriate!) to maintain a non- judgmental atmosphere.  

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